Taken on 11th June, 2010 in Baños, Ecuador. Nikon D90, Exposure 1/80s at f/5.6, Focal Length 34.0mm, ISO Speed 500. More details.

I am no longer a photo blogger. My term is up.

As the end neared I was tempted to extend this project, but ultimately I think it's better to stick within the original constraints and move on.

I considered jumping straight into another project, and wrote an angry email to a domain squatter who's sitting on day517.com, but in the end that seemed hasty. I prefer to wait a while, consider my options, and I will move forward with another project when I've settled on something as staunchly as I settled on Day 516 eighteen months or so ago.

I started this project as a way to reengage with photography. I consider myself reengaged; I also consider myself a little jaded and will undoubtedly take fewer pictures over the coming weeks. But, I am better prepared to face the next photographic challenge.

The self-imposed rules of the project have suited me well. By forcing myself to take photographs every day, I've gathered a diverse and somewhat disparate array of images… but there are repeating themes and threads to be found. As I move forward I hope to isolate and explore these themes more purposefully, to create collections of images that relate to and add meaning to each other as opposed to focussing always on the one image at hand… but that's an exploration for another day, and another place.

While I haven't written much here, I have at times expressed my opinion, discussed photography, design and travel among other things, and I've not been shy about expressing personal feelings. The final entry needed to have some weight behind it so here I am with gorgeous Cat, who has done more to support me over the past year and a half than any reasonable person could ever expect.

We started this journey together based on a shared dream to live in Buenos Aires. If we were going there, it seemed obvious, we should make a trip out of it, and so we started in New York.

The journey has eclipsed the destination… we're currently ambling slowly around Ecuador and have no plans to move on soon… we have few plans at all and that's the point really. We will not get to Buenos Aires this year; we will return to Ireland before we set foot in Argentina, and that feels great because we are travelling together through this vast continent unimpinged by itinerary or expectation.


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  • Phil wrote:
  • 11th June, 2010

Congrats on reaching then end of such an epic project!

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  • Fionntán wrote:
  • 12th June, 2010

Have to say, as a couple you really have fine sets of teeth.

Blogwise, amazing stuff Oisin. I can't even imagine the willpower it took to get something every day. I can imagine it was laborious sometimes and then other times you couldn't stop yourself.

Was a pleasure to read/view/watch over the past year and a half.

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  • CFly wrote:
  • 12th June, 2010

Amazing stuff, feel a little bit like we've been on the journey with you. Hope it's not too long before another blog or project is keeping us up to date on your whereabouts!

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  • Stephanie wrote:
  • 12th June, 2010

Congratulations Oisin, what a brilliant project. I want it published so I can buy the book!

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  • prisca wrote:
  • 12th June, 2010

Oisin, wow - how time flies... and congratulations on seeing your project through as planned.
And what a great journey it was - so wonderfully documented in your beautiful photographs. Well done ;)

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  • Oisin wrote:
  • 12th June, 2010

Thanks everyone… you all make me smile!: )

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  • Fintan wrote:
  • 12th June, 2010

I have to say Oisin that over the last 516 days, I have been totally blown away by this site. Such a brilliant idea, so much talent, insight and cultural appreciation on-show and executed with such flair. On showing it to a friend (a web connoisseur of sorts) he said simply that it was 'one of the most impressive websites he had seen, period.'. I don't think praise comes much higher than that, so I wont even try!

Well done. Epic stuff.

Congratulations, Oisin! A fantastic journey and a really great photo blog. I'll going to miss popping in here every few days for the updates.

And I second the request for a book :)

I'll miss popping by to catch up on your travels, photographs and musings. You're an inspiration to the rest of us to do something with all this time we have on our hands! And one of these days I'm gonna have to take up that challenge and see what I come up with!

Safe travels, look forward to dreaming up future plans over a pint at some point...

Lovely picture to finish with Oisin. I was wondering what you might come up with for the final day. A fitting tribute to Cat to feature her here with you, as I’m sure she deserves lots of credit for letting you hold things up to get your camera out every time you left the house over the last year and a half! Great to see you both looking so happy and healthy. All this travelling is obviously agreeing with you both. You’ve done amazingly well to come up with a new image every day, and to keep them so consistent in terms of quality, yet never predictable. I’d imagine you’ll now be quite relieved to have a break from the pressure of taking photos every day, but I look forward to seeing what you do next in terms of photography – hopefully it will involve regular web publishing of your work, as I’m sure I’m not the only one who’ll miss day516.com. Anyway, congratulations on all the brilliant photographs you’ve allowed us all to enjoy. Looking forward to seeing you in person again some day. Until then, I hope you and Cat will have many great adventures ahead of you on the road, wherever it takes you.

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  • Noel Prendiville wrote:
  • 13th June, 2010

Apres 516. Apres le Coup De Monde. Apres. Apres. Apres. Can there be life after 516? To paraphrase a famous catchphrase from well before your time 'what a long strange trip it's been'. Congratulations on an enthralling, fascinating, captivating project and now onwards. Not like that...like that.

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  • Kevin wrote:
  • 13th June, 2010

Congrats Oisin. I've really enjoyed following your journey. Some fantastic pics and stories along the way. bien hecho

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  • Oisin wrote:
  • 13th June, 2010

Thanks to everyone for your comments… your congratulations are much appreciated.

@Fionntán extra thanks for the teeth compliments

@Stephanie @Michael a book may not be a bad idea… perhaps a limited edition of [insert obvious number here]? : )

@Fintan high praise indeed… I think I like that guy: )

@PJ that's only tip of the iceberg regarding Cat's contribution to the project!

@Noel you've obviously been watching too much Apres Match… either that or the vuvuzelas have gone to your head : )

Thanks again to everyone.

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  • nigel wrote:
  • 15th June, 2010

hey oisin, congrats on reaching the end! so many projects of this scale collapse due to cliched reasons like fatigue and boredom, but you stuck with it and now have a rather lovely document of the last year and a half. And in a bit of a case of life imitating art, as day516.com ends so too does the house that gave it its name. 516 Collins Avenue now lies dormant for the first time in years as dan and i have gone our separate ways. Aaaanyway can't wait to follow your next project and enjoy Ecuador!

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  • Edel wrote:
  • 16th June, 2010

Your friend Michael tipped me off about this site and project a year and a half ago and it has been a pleasure to view your beautiful photos and read your opinions on them over the time. Will miss it. Congrats. Looking forward to the next project but for now, take a break and rest!

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  • Mike Heavers wrote:
  • 17th June, 2010

It's been a fun glimpse into your trip. Congrats on sticking to the task and good luck in your future travels. If you guys ever pass back through New York you've got a place to stay. Also - at some point I'd love to chat with you about the experience - I'll be doing a similar journey on a much compressed time scale, starting August 5th and I'd love to hear your advice on things. Cheers!

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  • Oisin wrote:
  • 18th June, 2010

@Nigel it's a pity to hear that 516 Collins Avenue is no longer in the family… but very fitting for the timing

@Edel rest's been treating me well this past week, it's been liberating not having to take photos every day, but I will need something new before long so as not to go stale!

@Mike There's no "if" when it comes to returning to NY, just a "when", a big question mark, and a sigh… look forward to catching up when we make it back some day… drop me an email to [hi at day516 dot com] about your trip.

Thanks guys.

hey oisin and catherine!

your photo blog has been inspiring and beautiful to watch. thanks for all the pics and stories. it really must have been hard to have an interesting photo for everyday. sounds like the whole trip has been better than your expectations too and unfortunately we won't be able to meet you's in argentina. it's a shame... dani was especially looking forward to catching up with you catherine.

Congratulation Oisin, you have done a really great job!!!

paul and dani