Taken on 18th April, 2009 in Barranca Del Cobre , Chihuahua, Mexico. Nikon D90, Exposure 1/400, Aperture f/5.6, Focal Length 105mm, ISO Speed 100. Show on Flickr.

King of the Hill in Barranca Del Cobre.


This is an amazing shot. Thank you blog awards for introducing me to your blog, it's beautiful. It is my total dream to one day go back to Mexico - I can only hope that by that stage I can take shots as stunning as yours! Congrats on making the final :)

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  • Oisin wrote:
  • 20th March, 2010

Thanks Nathalie, you're far too kind! I hope you'll get back to Mexico and we'll all be enjoying the results on your blog: )