Taken on 14th May, 2010 in reflection. Show on Flickr.

Change Lenses challenges you to approach photo­graphy in a new way by collaborating on series with other photographers.

Over the course of a series photographers produce work in response to the work of other photographers. This dialogue offers new ways of producing and appreciating photography.

I started the year with plans to finally build this project I'd been discussing for a while, and at the same time build my first iPhone app. For a couple of months I juggled both projects and made good progress on each.

However, as my time in Bogotá began to draw to a close I had to prioritise and unfortunately Change Lenses got pushed to the side.

Instead, I focussed all my attention on My Arists and this is close to paying off. After almost a year and a half away from home, and thus dwindling requests for my services from clients, I need to explore avenues for making a living independently; iPhone development feels like a promising area and has proven itself a challenging and rewarding experience.

Change Lenses is a project I'm very passionate about and I still think it has great potential. The problems I outlined with current image-sharing sites persist and I've yet to find an alternative that challenges photographers and viewers in a compelling way.

I'd been hoping to have this set up as an alternative outlet for me, and others, once Day 516 drew to a close but this unfortunately will not be realised. Once I have the time, I plan to focus my attention on this once again, but in the mean time I challenge anyone else to develop and release a similar, or better, platform for photographers. I will be the first to sign up.