Taken on 15th January, 2009 in Kips Bay, Manhattan, New York. Nikon D90, Exposure 1/320, Aperture f/5.0, Focal Length 58mm, ISO Speed 400. Show on Flickr.

Today's picture was taken leaning over the balcony of my apartment looking down into the courtyard.

It occurs to me that finding the daily photo is likely to often involve purposefully organised ventures. In New York at least, since I am spending so much time here and working every day, it is entirely possible that I could slip into a routine that leaves no time or space for photography.

This is where Day 516 could be the incentive I need to push myself further. I'm not talking huge excursions here but concentrated photography exercises along the lines of:

  • Take the camera to the supermarket and shoot stuff there.
  • Pick a street and walk the length of it looking for interesting photos.
  • Hop in a cab and think of it as my own contained photo studio.

Please share any ideas or thoughts you have for projects I should take up one of these days.


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  • Angela McLellan wrote:
  • 26th May, 2009

Hey I really love your site and the concept behind it.. very inspiring.. only on Day 4 but I'm going to sit here and go through them all, looking forward to it! An idea for you for a project might be 'walk around the block and see what textures you find... '

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  • Oisin wrote:
  • 2nd June, 2009

Angela, thanks for your kind comment, I hope you enjoyed the rest of the site!: )