Taken on 23rd November, 2009 in Condega to Ocotal, Madriz, Nicaragua. Nikon D90, Exposure 1/1250s at f/5.0, Focal Length 52mm, ISO Speed 200. Show on Flickr.

I plan my days around these roadside markers, keeping track of how far I've come and motivating me to keep pushing on.

This personal milestone, K196 on the Pan-American Highway north from Managua, marked the halfway point for today's route between Condega and Ocotal. I stopped for a short break and called Cat in Ocotal to let her know how I was getting on.

As I blog on towards day 516, particular days stand out as milestones. I anticipated day 258 long before it arrived and marked the halfway point. After day 101 came out so beautifully I wondered about day 202, 303 and so on. And today, day 316, also felt like a punch-the-air yelp-for-joy step towards 416 and ultimately 516.