Taken on 2nd November, 2009 in Granada, Nicaragua. Nikon D90, Exposure 1/40s at f/4.2, Focal Length 32mm, ISO Speed 800. Show on Flickr.

Twequency measures your Twitter frequency and compares it with your friends'.

I began the project almost a year ago as a means to expereiment with the Twitter API and try out some design tricks on the initial holding page.

Work and life got in the way (not to mention a few distracting side projects) and Twequency was pushed to the end of a long to-do list.

Recently, when we left half out luggage behind and went on an extended loop around Guatemala, Belize, Honduras and El Salvador, I got an itch to finally get the project out of the way. Life on the road was great, and for a long time I enjoyed the easy lifestyle, arriving into a new place, checking out what there is to be checked out, beer every evening, meeting great people. Nothing much bad to be said about it, butI wanted to get back to work.

I decided that when we got to Nicaragua I was going to lock myself in a hostel until I got the work done - it helped that I also had some client work to complete to keep the bank balance relatively healthy as we travel on.

Anyhow I completely reworked the design but stuck with my original intention, which was to create a fun little app for charting your twitter usage without getting bogged down in statistics. Each user is shown just their recent "twequency" and an indicator of whether this is above or below than their average. This information is plotted on the page, which is essentially just one big colourful graph, in relation to any other friends they check.

I'm glad to finally cross this one off the list, but the satisfaction was fairly short-lived as I immediately began trying to schedule time for the next project, which will be something with a little more meat on the bone.

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Ah, "beer every evening"... can there be three sweeter words in the English language?

Congrats on finally getting Twequency up and running Oisin.