Taken on 29th October, 2009 in Granada, Nicaragua. Nikon D90, Exposure 1/400s at f/4.0, Focal Length 25mm, ISO Speed 320. Show on Flickr.

?Don’t take a photo of that, man!?


This is great Oisin. Saw it on flickr a few days ago but thought I'd wait until you put it on here to comment. Such a poignant image - a humourous and touching slice of family life against the backdrop of national history. A brilliant piece of photojournalism - certainly one of your very best shots so far.

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  • Catherine O´Regan wrote:
  • 11th November, 2009

Love it, love it, love it.


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  • Oisin wrote:
  • 22nd November, 2009

I heard a good story about a church in a little town called San Rafael today. I cycled through the other day but didn't visit the church. Inside is a mural of the devil, painted 100 years ago. It's now nicknamed "The Prophecy" because el diablo bares a reportedly strikingly resemblance to Daniel Ortega.

To many others I've met Daniel is a hero. I imagine this cyclist feels that way and therefore didn't want me taking the picture.