Taken on 22nd August, 2009 in Zona 9, Guatemala City, Guatemala. Nikon D90, Exposure 1/200s at f/5.3, Focal Length 62mm, ISO Speed 400. Show on Flickr.


Grace, who runs the little hotel where I'm staying, knocked on my door. She was very excited for me to come to the garden and see the flower that had just blossomed.

This flower only lives for one day, so I figured it deserved to be my day too.


Hey nature boy, what ever happened to that gritty Manhattan street photographer? Actually, I have to admit that, when not wandering the back alleys of Dublin in search of the perfect extractor fan, I've been trying to take a few shots of bees, before they all die out.

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  • Oisin wrote:
  • 31st August, 2009

He's hiding around here somewhere, but maybe a little afraid to take his camera on the streets of Guatemala City. I'm sure he'll get over it!