Taken on 30th July, 2009 in Compuerta, Oaxaca City, Oaxaca, Mexico. Nikon D90, Exposure 1/640s at f/8.0, Focal Length 105mm, ISO Speed 200. Show on Flickr.

A nightclub musician leaving a seedy hotel south of the Zócalo lingers on the corner, reminiscing about his sleepless night.

?This photograph, like any photograph,? Godard and Gorin point out, ?is physically mute. It talks through the mouth of the text written [beside] it.? In fact, words do speak louder than pictures. Captions do tend to override the evidence of our eyes, but no caption can permanently restrict or secure a picture's meaning.

Susan Sontag, On Photography

Care to liberate this picture's meaning through words?


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  • Naomi wrote:
  • 7th August, 2009

Show and TEL? He's wondering where the hell is my brother who was supposed to collect me an hour ago. His brother who scored the night before at an equally seedy club across town and just can't leave his one night stand's bed?

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  • Nathaie wrote:
  • 30th August, 2009

Love it